Tips for Optimizing Your Rain Gear

Optimizing Your Rain Gear

While Spring Summer is the most awaited season of the year, you cannot neglect the charm of the monsoons. It is the time when the planet refreshes itself before it gets ready for the winter. The temperature drops and there is a sense of calmness. But rain can play spoilsport if you are not prepared. This is why you need good-quality rainwear. In some cases, your area can receive extreme rainfall. You would not want to find yourself caught up in heavy rain. It is not only hazardous but risks putting your essentials on the verge of damage. 

This is why we have created this post. If you do not want to get wet outside during the rainy season, then wearing quality rainwear is essential for you. But there is also a catch. You cannot just simply wear shorts for men and cover up with a raincoat. You need to optimize your rain gear. 

1. Wear A Waterproof Cap Under Your Raincoat

Although most rain suits for men come with an attached cap, being extra cautious can never be harmful. So, you could wear a separate waterproof cap under your jacket to keep the rain away from your eyes. Also, you may choose to wear synthetic caps, as they don’t absorb water and can also dry quickly.

2. Tuck in Your Shirt In Your Rain Pants

During rainy seasons shorts for men are the most common choice because they are comfortable and less likely to get dirty when outside. However, it would be best for you to wear rain pants during the monsoon season, as they have an elastic waistband that helps prevent chafing. Additionally, tuck your t-shirt or shirt under the rain pants so that they do not get wet. 

3. Leave Your Pit Zip Open

You must keep the pit zip open if there is light-medium rain, so it would help outweigh the water that somehow sneaked under your arms.

However, during the strong side wide or heavy rain, you could keep the pit zip closed.

4. Store Your Rain Gear Outside of Your Pack

You must keep your raincoat and gear handy; so, you won’t have to look for them when there is sudden rain. A raincoat and an umbrella are the most significant rain gear that should be easily available to you during the rainy season.

5. Wear Gaiters Under Your Rain Pants

If you wear gaiters under your pants, then the water could easily trickle down from the legs landing on the boots.

6. For Light-Rain, Always Wear Collar Hood

You don’t need to wear heavy jackets in light- rain; instead, a collar hood could work perfectly fine for you during the rainy season.

7. Set the Elastic Drawcord Hem to Avoid Jacket Ride Up

The jackets usually cinch at the hem. However, every single jacket interacts differently with different shapes, body, and backpack. So, it would be much better to set the elastic drawcord hem to prevent the jacket ride up.

The Bottom Line

While you’re optimizing your rain gear, my suggestion would be to avoid wearing short clothes as you won’t be entirely covered in them and somehow, due to the short garments, you could be wholly exposed to the rain. 

You need to be ready with your appropriate rainwear during the monsoons. This will allow you to always protect yourself from rain and keep yourself healthy.