Living in San Diego

Living in San Diego

San Diego is one of the most populated cities in the country, yet for most, it’s prohibitively expensive. Not only is the housing pricey, but so is the food, the entertainment, and getting around. How does anyone afford to live here?

These are the top ways people are able to afford to live in this fantastic city and what you can do to make the cost hurt less.

How Expensive is San Diego? 

Although all housing prices have been wildly changing in the last couple of years, San Diego has been growing even faster. This city’s housing is 119% more expensive than the national average, and utilities are a whole 20% more expensive on top of that.

Car insurance, groceries, entertainment, and so much more can break the bank the moment you’re in town. This can be even worse because of how much driving is required to live here. Most people can’t afford to live here, especially since the average apartment for rent is nearly three thousand dollars here.

Consider Getting Roommates

The best way to afford the pricey San Diego apartments for rent is to stop and get roommates. If you get a three-bedroom apartment for just over three thousand dollars, and you each pay a third of the rent, you can see your monthly costs lower dramatically.

This does have the unfortunate side effect of many people moving in with others they’d never move in with otherwise in order to afford to live, but if you’re able to work on communication, it can be easier than you’d expect. 

Take the time to get to know any roommates before you live with them. Jumping right into it can be dangerous and leave you unhappy or unhealthy.

Dive Into the Gig Economy

Gig work is more powerful than almost any other industry in the city. This allows the average person to hop from job to job on their own schedule instead of having to work two 8-hour shifts back to back.

There’s high competition in this field, though, since many are also trying to get by through gig work. It’s a good idea to remember to hunt for gigs online as well as in-person, and don’t marry one food delivery or ride-sharing app if it’s not the best. Times change, companies are sold and bought, and if you put all of your eggs in one delivery service, it might be obsolete by the end of the week.

Plan Before You Move Here

It’s vital that before you move here, you stop and take the time to plan as thoroughly as possible! The last thing you should consider doing is spending all of your money to get here and then arriving broke. Not only will this possibly land you homeless, but it’ll be harder to get back on your feet if you start from nothing. Plan at least six months in advance, and try to have at least five to ten thousand dollars saved up and secure before you move out.  

This City’s Prices Are Sky High!

There are few cities as blindingly expensive as San Diego! This city knows how to have fun, explore the best parts of art and culture, and still let you feel like you’re part of a community. Consider moving here soon!