Useful Desk Accessories for Your Workspace

We’re spending pretty unreasonable amounts of time at our desks, and now that some of us are working from home, there doesn’t seem to be the end to the workday like there used to be. You owe it to yourself to spend some time making your desk a nicer place to be by removing some clutter and adding some things that can just generally elevate your day-to-day experience of just being at your desk. Here are five quick and cost-effective things you can add to your workspace to just brighten it up a bit and make it a more comfortable and better place to work.

A Laptop Cooling Pad

If you’re using a laptop and working hard on it, you might find it gets quite hot during the course of the day. Simply elevating it from the desk using a laptop stand can make a difference, but so can using a dedicated laptop cooling pad, designed specifically to cool down your laptop during use. Gaming Laptop Cooling Pads are versatile and come in many different styles and options and can be used on both gaming and office laptops.

A Wireless Charging Pad

Nobody likes a desk full of cables and adapters, so eliminating some of them can clean up your desk quickly. One of those cables that you’re likely to need often is your phone or smart watch charger. A wireless charging pad can remove the cable from your device, making it easier to use during the day and replace on the charging pad to keep charged. Some support multiple devices and device types, so look for one that supports yours.

A Laptop Docking Station

Not only does a laptop docking station help with the aforementioned cable problem, but it also makes your laptop much easier to pick up and take with you to a meeting, on a site visit or to another room in the house because you’re not plugging in many different cables, but instead only one or two. A docking station is where your screens and peripherals will connect to, and you simply have to connect it to your laptop.

An Alternative to a Chair

Posture is something that we constantly hear about, and the more time you spend sitting at a computer, the more likely you are to let your posture slip. For this reason, some experts recommend that you spend at least some of your time – if not all of your time – at your workstation using an alternative to a normal office chair. There are a few options for this, from exercise balls to balance boards or even just a straight up standing desk. Your lower back and shoulders will thank you for it later in life, if not sooner.

These are just a few quick ideas on how to improve your workspace. Adding plants or making use of an insulated water bottle to keep your water cold or coffee hot while you work can also make a nice addition to the space. Ultimately, you want your workspace to work for you, so outfit it so that it does!