What Skills You Need to Design Your Dreamhouse

Designing a dream house is something that most people have wanted to do in their life but never quite got there or had the skills to do so. Designing builds is something that architects do on a daily basis, but you do not necessarily have to have a degree in architecture. Furthermore, there are a huge variety of different processes that go into designing a house so you could be a part of one of the processes or many. Here are a few of the key skills needed to design that dream house. 

Some Structural Engineer Knowledge 

When designing a house, an individual will need at least some knowledge of how structures and buildings stay standing. A structural engineering course will allow you to understand the science behind structures and then design accordingly. Within this course, you will also learn engineering drawings and structural designs of various materials. This skill will prepare you for designing your dream house. 

You will also need skills in drawing floor plans and advanced structural drawings with awareness of how they will be built.

Of course, you could choose to work with an architect so that you could draw up some ideas and they do the professional elements. 

Interior Design 

You may wish to design the interior of your dream house. This requires you to have a lot of creative skills. It also requires you to have some computer skills if you wish to design your house on computer software. This is the most common way that people pitch their designs to the construction team. To design the interiors, you will need:

  • Spatial awareness
  • Innovation
  • Health and safety knowledge
  • Produce plans 
  • Ability to pick out materials
  • Ability to draw 
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail

Going Further

The design process is only one small part of the creation of your dream house. There are people that design their houses and take part in building them too. Perhaps you are already working within construction and want to start building your house or perhaps you would like to gain some experience within the construction industry to do this. The starting point would be bricklaying or some other manual labor job and gain a few years of experience. 

Many construction professionals want to progress to be construction managers. Within the construction industry, this is one of the most highly respected professions. In order to progress to this point, many individuals take an NVQ Level 6. Construction management courses can teach you skills in residential development. You could be the manager as well as the designer of your house. In this position, you could ensure that all other workers are conducting the building process exactly to your standards. You would be the voice of the project. With this NVQ Level 6, you can then apply for a CSCS Black Card, this proves your qualifications and experience and means you could then work on other projects.  


Designing your dream house can have many elements, you could draw up some ideas and work with an architect or you could gain experience to be able to do it yourself with a structural engineering course. In addition, you could work on the interior design element. For those who really have a passion for construction, you could even build the house yourself by gaining some construction experience and perhaps even progress to become a construction manager.