Why When It Comes to Corporate Housing DC is the Best

Within my job role, I am regular having to spend months at a time in cities around the country and my go-to choice when it comes to where to stay in corporate housing. If I am just staying for a week or two then I may use a hotel or an extended stay hotel, but any longer than that and it is always corporate housing which I prefer. I have seen a real difference in this between cities and whilst I would have always assumed that it was somewhere such as New York which had the best, it is actually not the case. When it comes to corporate housing DC is the best place that I have visited and I have been to multiple locations across the city. Here is why I think that they get things right here where other cities get it wrong. 


There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the majority of people who use the corporate housing in DC are those who are working for the government. With this in mind, there is a higher standard which is expected at such a place because of the type of guest who will usually be staying here. Even if it is not a government official there is a high likelihood that anyone staying here will have ties to the government and it is very possible that this is a big reason why the standard is better here. 

Newer Buildings 

What I have noticed in New York, which given its corporate might I believed may have offered the best corporate housing, is that the buildings are really old. These old buildings, for the most part, have been renovated and they look great inside, nonetheless, they just have that feeling of being old and tired in some instances and this is not the case at all in DC. In reality, each of the 6 corporate housing properties that I have been to in DC has been new buildings that have great service, fast elevators, and slick plumbing, this has not always been my experience in other cities around the country. 

Extended Service 

Something else which I have noticed in DC is that the people seem warmer than in cities like LA and New York, especially so in the service industry. Now I understand that they are pushing for tips and that is why they up their game with regards to their service, but there is something about DC which just feels as though they care that little bit more. This of course has been extended to something like a corporate property and it is not just the place itself that is nicer, but also the level of service and the professionalism of the management which I receive when I am here. 

If you have to go to DC to work away then I would certainly be pushing your employer to get you into some corporate housing as it really is the best option and the best city to do it in.