10 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your Business Grow

Email Marketing

Remember the 1998 movie, ‘You’ve got mail’? Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks fall madly in love with each other through an exchange of emails. To put it in a nutshell, emails can do that for you – they can help your target audience fall in love with your business. While the movie was made over two decades ago when emails were still a novel idea, emails’ importance and effectiveness have not waned. In fact, businesses of all sizes continue to benefit from their email marketing strategies. If you don’t have an email strategy for your business, here are ten reasons why you can’t waste any more time.

Let’s start with some facts

·        Email marketing has a high return on investment.

·        Email is more effective than Facebook and Twitter.

·        Consumers prefer to get promotional emails from brands they love.

·        An email has the potential to drive more sales than social media.

It has been established that emails are effective, welcomed by consumers, and can drive sales. But most importantly, you get back massive value for every dollar that you spend on email campaigns. But how can they make your company grow?

1. Email marketing allows you to promote and build your brand awareness.

Do people recognize your brand? As well as promoting your brand, email marketing allows you to develop your brand.

People will only know your brand exists when they continuously see your brand until they recognize it. Here’s an interesting fact: Humans naturally seek out patterns. So, use consistent voice, tone, and branding messages when you send out emails to your target audience. Best solution for your marketing needs is the best SMM panel.

2. Email marketing allows you to build credibility

As a small business owner or a new business owner, one of the biggest hurdles you would have to overcome is building credibility. After all, why would someone want to give you their business when your business isn’t as recognizable as your competitor’s.

Use email marketing strategies to stay in contact with your existing and potential customers and keep them updated about your business. Regular emails give them more information about you. The more people hear about your business, the more familiar they get with it – and the more they will trust you.

3. Email marketing is cost-effective and time-saving

All businesses, especially small businesses, have time and budget constraints. Advertising is a costly affair. It’s also time-consuming. Targeted mail campaigns are easy to create, cost-effective, and delivered almost instantly to your potential customers’ email boxes.

4. Email marketing makes you an expert

Position yourself as an expert in a particular niche. Deliver unique content to your subscribers instead of merely using your campaigns to deliver coupons. When you come across as an expert, potential clients will trust your business more.

5. Email marketing helps you connect with your target audience

A disadvantage of traditional advertising is that you cannot be sure if you are reaching your target. Email marketing, on the other hand, is proof that you are reaching your target audience.

Consumers interested in your business, brand, and products opt to receive emails from you. Stay in touch with these consumers regularly, provide them with the information they want, and stay on top of their minds. So, when they need your product/service, they will automatically think of your business and buy from you.

6. Email marketing helps you educate your existing clients

You can’t afford to forget about your existing customers and risk losing their business in your endeavor to grow your business. Keep your current customers engaged and up to date with what’s happening in your business through regular newsletters. Keep them informed of new products, services, or programs that might interest them.

7. Email marketing attracts new opportunities

Sending out regular email campaigns and newsletters can open doors to new opportunities like strategic partnerships, media interviews, opportunities to speak at events or start new joint ventures, and more. All it takes is for the right person to open and read your email campaign at the right time.

8. Email marketing allows you to reach a wider audience

Email marketing breaks down barriers and allows you to reach people across the globe. You are no longer limited to promoting your business to Australia alone. Consider re-purposing your blog posts and newsletter articles to create white papers, guides, e-books, and even audio content to share with your global audience via your email campaigns.

9. Email marketing allows you to send targeted messages

Each of your potential leads is at different points of the buying journey. Some may be in the consideration stage, while others might be ready to purchase your product. Email marketing helps you determine what kind of content you need to send to individual leads to gently nudge them to the next stage of the buying cycle.

10. Email marketing allows you to send timely information

Unlike traditional marketing, emails will reach your customers instantly. So, if you want to send out an email offering a special discount to a client on their birthday, you can be sure that your offer reaches them on time. Email marketing can also be used to promote seasonal deals, holiday specials, and annual sales.


There is no doubt that email marketing can help your business grow. However, growing companies are prone to risks. Consider investing in business insurance that can protect you and your business. Find out more here.