Factors That Will Influence the Cost of Installing a Strut System for Lighting in Your Workplace

Strut System for Lighting

Strut System for Lighting

When installing a strut channel system for lighting in your workplace, you need to consider the cost of the project. You need to know that having a strut system is way cheaper than the traditional way of distributing power and lighting. And you can save further by handling the project professionally and working with lighting experts. But how much will you likely spend on installing a strut channel system in your workplace? Here are various factors that will influence the cost of the project. 

Coverage Area

Typically, if you have a larger working space, you will spend more on a strut system for lighting. The system will have longer runs, many joiners, hangers, crossover connectors, and other parts. And that means that the entire system will need more materials, hence the high cost of the project. In addition, more labor and time will be required to install the system in a large area, and that will significantly increase the cost of the project. However, if you have a small working space, the cost of installing a strut channel system for lighting will be relatively low.  

Complexity of Installation

If your workplace has a sturdy ceiling, installing a strut system for light and power distribution will be easy. And the cost of such a project will be relatively low. However, if your workplace doesn’t have a ceiling and the roof is a distance from where you intend to install the lights, the project will be a little complicated. The installation team will have to figure out how they will install the system in a perfect location to ensure the room is well-lit. And such a project will require expertise, more labor, and time to complete, making it relatively more expensive than a simpler project.   

Integration with All Light Fixture Types and Other Systems 

If you want to have different types of light fixtures in your workplace for lighting and décor, you will need to buy a strut system that allows general lights to be used in conjunction with accent lights on the same system. Such a system will be relatively more expensive to buy and install than a system designed only for general lights. You can even get a one-system that can be used for lighting, security cameras, wireless access points, and power distribution. This system will also be relatively more expensive than a strut channel system designed for lights only.   

The Contractor You Hire for Installation

There are many designers of strut channel systems for lighting and power distribution. Some of the companies offer installation services at a reduced price. You can buy the system from them and allow them to do the installation. Alternatively, you can buy the strut channel lighting system and hire an independent contractor to install it for you. But the cost will be much higher. But you can look for a contractor ready to install the system for you at an affordable price. So make a price comparison and decide on whom to hire for the installation.