How to Choose a Deep Freezer for Your Lab

Deep Freezer for Your Lab

Labs have varied needs. It creates their requirements for different kinds of lab freezers. Depending on the kind of supplies and samples that the lab intends to store, one can go ahead and purchase a freezer that meets their requirements. Ultra-low temperature freezers are a mainstay in most biological labs. The freezer can keep the samples safe at -80 degrees centigrade. It also maximizes the storage space as per the lab footprint.

Purchasing an ultra-low temperature freezer can be difficult. With a lifespan of almost 15 years, it is important to do thorough research and understand when and how should you specify a deep freezer for your lab. So take your time to make a purchase but before that let us first understand what a ULT freezer is.

What is an ultra-low freezer?

The ultra-low freezers are used to keep samples at a low temperature. These find a lot of use in the science labs. The pharmacy and lab freezers control temperature ranges of -10 to -25 degrees centigrade. The low-temperature freezers function to almost -40 degrees centigrade.

The ultra-low freezers control temperatures further lower to even -85 degrees centigrade. All these freezers are equipped with temperature control.

Ultra- low freezers applications  

The ultra-low freezers find a lot of use in biotech and biological storage applications. These are used in laboratories, blood banks, medical centers, research institutes, and recently to store the Covid-19 vaccine. The labs that are into performance testing use the ultra-freezers to understand their ability to perform at very low temperatures.

The deep freezers find a lot of applications and if you wish to get one for your lab, then here is how you can pick the right deep freezer

Picking a deep freezer for your lab

The ULT freezers find use in the lab environment as these are used to ensure safe sample storage. These operate in the -50 to -80 degree centigrade temperature range. It lets researchers store many biospecimen samples, drugs, and enzymes.

The lab professionals usually look at reliability, energy usage, storage, and noise when they select a deep freezer. It lets them see how it will impact their workflow and their operational cost. There are quite a few factors that need to be considered before you select the right ULT freezer. To be able to evaluate the options, here are the points that you should consider.


You will be storing some precious samples in the deep freezer. The freezer must come equipped with an electronic lock system and a temperature monitoring system built into it so that you know that your sample is safe.

Temperature control

The lower you set the temperature of the freezer, the more will be the consumption of energy. It is thus vital that you match the storage and the temperature capacity to be environmentally-friendly

Record keeping

The deep freezer must offer accurate record-keeping. It is especially when you are storing valuables or samples that are sensitive to temperature.

Specimen isolation

Select a freezer that comes with separate compartments in the interior with insulated doors. This will not let the air access the compartment. The compartments can also be fitted to hold individual specimens with cell dividers. If you can label the compartments and the racks, then this will make sample return and removal easy and this enhances your efficiency.

Sustainable freezers

A sustainable deep freezer can save the planet as well as cut on your energy bills. 

Sound reduction

The modern deep freezers are equipped with a sound reduction system. The front vent with fluid and the rear balcony vent lets the noise level stay at a minimum.

Personalized solutions

Before you order a deep freezer, make sure to check the variables like the number of compartments, right or left-handed door configuration, and voltage consumption. Some ULT freezers come with an inverter technology built into them, which lets the same freezer be used at varied volts.

Ease of use

Usability is another factor to consider when buying a deep freezer. Look at the inherent features and search for the interface that offers control and monitoring support. If the deep freezer offers remote monitoring, it can reduce the risk of any malfunctions. Else these may go undetected during a natural event like a storm. Also, check how ergonomic the freezer is to use it every day.


Deep freezers are a crucial part of the pharmaceutical, life science, and clinical labs where the scientists need to preserve the sample for long at a precise temperature. Take your time and do proper research before buying a ULT freezer for your laboratory.

The deep freezer technology has advanced quite a bit in the last few years. The good news is that the ULT freezers available today have solved most of the problems that you may have encountered in your older model.