How to Get Your Startup Noticed

Get Your Startup Noticed

There are so many businesses starting and so many already established that even if you have an amazing idea and your own business is a strong one, it can still be hard to get it noticed and make it stand out in a very crowded marketplace. You are always having to contend with competition, making it much harder to be seen, especially if you are competing with a well-loved and recognized company. Even if you’re not, the amount of choice that customers have is vast, and unless you can do something that will grab their attention, your wonderful business idea might fade into obscurity. 

With that in mind, it’s crucial to make your startup noticed so that people are happy to come to you and spend their money with you. Here are some ways this can be done. 

Think of Your Employees 

Although it might seem strange that we’re talking about your employees when it is customers you want to attract, the truth is that if you have happy employees, your reputation as a good business will grow, and that will bring you more customers. Therefore, it’s vital that you take good care of your staff. No matter if it’s unintentional, any poor treatment will find its way onto social media, and your customer base will shrink because of it. 

One way to ensure your team is happy is to give them plenty of incentives. A fair salary is a good start but think about health benefits, vacation days, your sickness policy, and more. What about rewards for hard work? Plus the working environment should be a comfortable, productive one. If you can make this happen, you should see better sales because of it, and you’ll stand out just like you wanted. 

Delegate Well 

One of the problems that startups often come across is that they can’t take on larger projects because they don’t have the equipment or the staff to do it. This means they have to let their competition take the job, even though the income from it would have helped them, and their reputation would have improved because of it. 

What can be done? The best option is to find partners to work with. This might be another non-competing company through which you can share resources and even team members to ensure that both businesses can get any large project done. Or perhaps you’ll outsource some tasks entirely to experts; IT tasks are a great example of when outsourcing can improve your business, get you more work, and increase your presence in general. 

Make Use of Social Media 

Using social media to advertise your business has become commonplace. Therefore, it’s not something you can afford to miss out on; if everyone else is doing it, you should do it too. However, the very fact that everyone else is doing it means that you need to be different – you need to do it better so that you’ve noticed. 

This could include:

  • Videos 
  • Viral posts
  • Interacting well with customers and followers
  • Showing that you are a human being behind the business 
  • Running competitions and special offers 

Social media is where many of your potential customers are going to be, and standing out there, using specially designed algorithms, may well be easier than standing out online in general.