The Benefits of Having a Stretch Wrapping Machine in Your Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing companies must wrap their packaged products correctly to protect them from damage by dust, moisture, and other elements. They can either use hand wrapping or a stretch wrap machine for the task. Hand wrapping involves hiring workers to apply stretch films around packages or pallets manually. Alternatively, you can get a stretch wrapping machine to do the work. The machine can be automatic or semi-automatic.

Using stretch wrapping equipment has so many benefits over hand-wrapping. Here are the main benefits of having stretch wrapping equipment in your company.

Improves Efficiency 

The time spent on hand stretch wrapping depends on the size of your team. The more employees you have, the faster the job will be done. The job completion time will also depend on the skill level of your employees. Without proper training and experience, the job can be done poorly, and you might suffer losses. But when you get a stretch wraping machine, wrapping your products or pallets will be super-fast and easy. More products will be correctly stretch-wrapped each day. The use of machines speeds up wrapping operations and reduces human errors.

Improves Productivity

Using stretch wrapping equipment increases productivity in your company. First, it allows wrapping to be completed more quickly, allowing your company to package and wrap more products per day. It also allows those employees who used to wrap the pallets to take on new roles in the manufacturing company. This will ensure other tasks in warehousing and packaging are completed more quickly, ensuring more work is done daily.

Reduce Wastage of Wrapping Film

Workers tend to pull stretch film inconsistently. As a result, huge sections of the elastic film end up as wasted film due to human errors. So you spend more money on stretch films to meet your packaging requirements. However, when you get stretch wrapping equipment, the machine will stretch the film evenly, reducing or eliminating wasted stretch film areas. Besides, the machine stretches the film 200-300% of its original size, ensuring the film is optimally utilized. 

Improved Safety

When you get an automatic or semiautomatic stretch wrap machine, few employees will be involved in wrapping and packaging, minimizing occupational injuries likely to happen during wrapping. For instance, when you get a fully automatic machine, it will need minimal interaction with humans to do its work. And that minimizes the chances of operators getting injured during wrapping.

Workers who do hand wrapping can easily get injured while handling repetitive tasks. And this means your business will likely pay more for occupational health expenditures. Your business may even get involved in personal injury cases and pay huge compensation to affected workers. But you can avoid all that by getting an automatic or semiautomatic stretch wrapping machine requiring minimal human guidance or interaction.

To improve efficiency and productivity in your manufacturing company, you should get stretch wrapping equipment. The machine will ensure faster packaging, reduce film waste, and eliminate hand-wrapping-related injuries. Ultimately, your packages or pallets will look professional, winning the hearts of distributors and consumers of your products.