Unique Gifts for Excellent IT Staff That Will Boost Morale

Unique Gifts for Excellent IT Staff

For any IT company, there will be more or less material gift rewards, but it is also a material gift reward. Some companies will make employees more loyal to the company, and some companies will cause dissatisfaction among employees. Loss of employees: The key to this reason is that there are problems with the reward methods and principles. To make rewards more effective and improve the morale of their employees, it is necessary to master the secret of material gift rewards. Here we have shared a few secrets for you:

Secret 1: Statutory holidays must be rewarded

The Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, New Year’s Day, and Spring Festival are traditional Chinese holidays. Employees will enjoy longer holidays at this time, but at the same time, they will also become when colleagues and friends compare the benefits of the company with each other. Employees often communicate with each other. Discuss which company gives how many benefits during the holiday, etc. Although there are not many such festivals every year, the impact on enterprises is extremely unfavorable. So in any case, on statutory holidays, companies must send material rewards as benefits to employees. Due to the different standards of welfare for different companies, some developing companies cannot compare their welfare treatments with mature companies, but they can give some low-priced but carefully prepared gifts to demonstrate the company’s care for them. Sincerity, is the so-called courtesy and affection.

Secret Two: Pay attention to employees’ personal lives

When employees celebrate their birthdays, employees can choose appropriate personal benefits as rewards. On the one hand, it can reflect the company’s care for them, on the other hand, it can make employees feel concerned and valued, and it is easier to cultivate employees’ loyalty to the company. degree. At this time, the company can prepare a cake for the employees in the name of the collective, so as to establish a harmonious team atmosphere and truly make employees feel at home. In addition, when an employee’s life is a big day, the company must not ignore the material care, such as marriage, childbirth, or the departure of important family members, the company must show its care for it.

Secret Three: When performance is achieved

The most common time for companies to give employees material rewards is when employees achieve performance. But for this kind of material reward, in fact, we must master certain methods. First, the reward must be able to arouse the enthusiasm of the employees. In addition, the reward must be fair and just to avoid negative incentives caused by unfairness. Finally, the reward cycle is not easy. Too short is not easy to be too long. Too short will make employees feel numb, and too long will make employees slack. Generally speaking, one month is the most appropriate period. If you want material rewards to achieve better results, you can also accumulate performance. For example, employees who get the most rewards in a year can get higher rewards. And rewards can achieve a win-win goal, such as giving employees the opportunity to go out for training, so that employees can gain

With the promotion, the value of corporate human resources has also grown correspondingly, which has captured the loyalty of employees.

The key of material gift rewards is to grasp the real needs of employees. The same material may have an incentive effect on one employee, but it may not have an incentive effect on another employee. Therefore, when making material settings, combine the characteristics of each employee. This seems difficult, but it is not. For example, material rewards can be set in this way. The company will give certain rewards to employees who perform well, such as some welfare gifts or employee recognition coins or a big gift package, etc. As long as the value does not exceed the budget, the company will help employees meet, and all purchases The Company will bear it. In this way, it is easy to combine the needs of each employee and make material rewards more targeted.