Why Laser Accidents Occur: Laser Safety Glasses

Since the first operational laser was used in 1960, laser safety protocols and technology have advanced significantly. Despite this, laser accidents still cause catastrophic eye injuries.  The increased usage of lasers in research, education, industry, health care, medicine, and consumer goods is one cause for this. In other words, as more individuals are exposed to the potential risks of lasers, more accidents happen. While some of these catastrophes are brought on by defective equipment, human behavior is almost always to blame.

Failure to Use Laser Safety Glasses

People may choose not to wear or just occasionally wear laser safety glasses for the following reasons:

  • Inadequate safety culture: From the discussion of safety culture above, it should be clear that a company that values safety won’t promote or require the usage of laser safety glasses.
  • Poor-fitting safety eyewear: When protective eyewear is required to shield the eyes from errant laser beams or when someone mistakenly thinks a laser is off when it’s not, poorly fitted glasses may slide off the nose or fall off at the wrong time. Accidental laser eye contact is frequently brief, yet it can still harm vision or result in blindness. 100% of the time, eye protection is guaranteed with an excellent fit. If the glasses don’t fit properly, the wearer can momentarily remove them or decide not to wear them at all.
  • Expediency: If laser safety glasses aren’t readily available, some people might believe that a single, brief laser use doesn’t justify the time or effort required to get them. Unprotected eyes can still suffer harm if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time, though. In actuality, workers have gotten hurt when they’ve lifted their spectacles to briefly touch their eyes.
  • Incorrect laser safety eyewear: You must only use laser safety goggles that are calibrated for the wavelength and power level of the laser you are operating. Wearing them otherwise is futile because they won’t offer protection.