4 Ways to Display a Quirky Side to Your Business

Quirky Side to Your Business

Your brand identity is hugely important when it comes to marketing your business and winning customers. The right brand identity can help you build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your customers and reach your extended target audience. If your brand identity has a quirky side to it, you will want to show this to your customers. Understanding how to display the quirky side of your business in an engaging and authentic way can be hugely beneficial to any business, no matter its size or niche.

1. Create Your Own Custom Apparel

As anthembranding.com explains, one way you can display your business’s quirky side is to create your own custom apparel. For example, you could create some personalized socks that are a little bit humorous or eye-catching. If you are a business that would not otherwise typically offer apparel, this niche offering can be a bit of a novelty that displays your businesses’ more quirky side.

2. Create Your Own TikToks and Instagram Reels

Creating humorous videos on TikTok or Instagram is another great way to show the quirky side of your business. Making funny videos is a great way to show your brand’s voice and sense of humor. Creating TikTok videos is especially valuable for brands that have a slightly younger target audience. This is because the platform helps you to connect with your customers in a more authentic fashion.

Creating popular videos on TikTok or Instagram can be a very powerful means by which you can expand your brand awareness. When you are creating videos on social media platforms, remember to stay authentic to your brand’s identity and showcase your businesses’ more quirky side.

3. Work on Your Brand Voice

Your brand voice is a very powerful marketing tool as it humanizes your brand and directly impacts how potential customers interact with and feel about your company. Businesses that are looking to showcase their more quirky side should work to reflect this in their brand voice.

A more quirky brand voice will sound authentic but still humorous and a little bit different. Working to have a defined style of brand voice that is consistent across all platforms and marketing efforts will help you to showcase your brand’s quirky side more authentically.

4. Create Memes

Using meme marketing is another great way to connect with your target audience and expand your customer base while showcasing your brand’s quirky side. This is because memes have some powerful ingredients for marketing; they show you are relevant, funny, and understand popular culture. Making memes doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of time, as they rely more on humorous perspectives, references, and insights than high production quality.

Increasingly customers are speaking, connecting, and communicating exclusively in the language of memes. Embracing and creating your own memes can be a hugely valuable part of any successful marketing funnel. Memes help you expand brand awareness and win new customers. They also provide you with the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand’s quirky side.