Factors To Consider When Choosing a Utility Pole Inspection Contractor

Utility Pole Inspection Contractor

Quite often people complain about the quality of service they receive from pole inspectors. With the many inspectors advertising their services, it is easy to fall for scams when trying to choose the cheapest contractor. However, you should do the due diligence to ensure you pick the right utility pole inspection contractor. This post highlights some of the things you need to consider.


It is uncommon around the world for utilities to require comprehensive and recognized training for their inspectors. Many learn on the job because the training programs available are short on the depth of knowledge imparted and the quality of inspector produced. However, hiring someone to inspect your utility pole and expecting great results without comprehensive training is unsatisfactory. You’ll be assuming responsibility for the scope of the inspection and probably assuming liability for the quality of the inspection outcome.

Therefore, when selecting a utility pole inspection provider, ensure that they have appropriate training from accredited institutions. They should also have the permits and clearance documents required to conduct the work. Further, it’s vital to check on their experience level. A provider with at least five years of experience will be the best bet.


It is important to ensure that your provider has the appropriate insurance coverage for the job. Experienced providers will ensure they have full insurance coverage to protect you from potential liabilities resulting from damages and injuries during the inspection.

Destructive or Non-Destructive

Does your potential inspector use destructive or non-destructive tools? Does the provider consider the loss of fiber strength over time of the good wood? If your provider hammer-sounds the utility pole, that might be inadequate. Therefore, you should focus on picking a provider who uses the best methods to provide accurate results. A provider using non-destructive techniques might be the safest solution.


How much work is your provider doing? A good utility pole inspection service provider will not just inspect the pole; instead, they do the pole-top hardware, stays conductors, transformers, and everything else. This way, the provider will quickly determine the serviceability index. Tracking this value will accurately predict the end-of-life stage for the utility pole. Also, it allows for more detailed risk assessment and work programming.


It is crucial to consider the data you’re getting from your provider. The best providers give you digital results in real-time and avoid unnecessary delays. Their reporting will also align with your current systems for importing into your asset management system. They should also recommend actions and timings for those actions. In addition, their data should show the time and place of the inspection, photos, and the criticality of any defects.


 Price is a vital factor in different aspects of life, and utility pole inspection is no different. Low-cost inspections might lead to substandard services, which might cost you more in the long run. Ensuring you are spending a reasonable amount for the best quality and accurate inspection services is vital.